Bed of HOPE

NOTE: The height of the legs should be 26" instead of 31.5" as stated in the plans. Legs can be adjusted to raise or lower to a more desirable height if necessary.

Please Read:
These bed plans are very detailed and can appear overwhelming at first glance.  Skip to page 5 to begin understanding the general layout.  The first few pages are simply pre-drilling instructions.  This is a VERY basic bed to build, please don't be intimidated...You can do it.  

If you have any questions about building a Bed of HOPE please feel free to contact Jadon's Daddy at

In 2016 Dimensional Innovations, from Kansas City, made and donated 5 beds to SMA families. 

Bed plans do not include headboard or decorative details.



               Ella's Bed was made using the Bed of HOPE plans.