Research Guidelines

Grant Guidelines:

Please provide an Abstract (no longer than 1 page) outlining the project’s goals.

 Please provide a lay summary (1 paragraph) that can be used for communication purposes to a broad audience.

 Please provide a Research Plan, not exceeding 3 pages, and no smaller than twelve (12) point font.
A brief budget justification should be included within the 3 page limit.

 Biosketches for the PI and any commitment personnel are required.

 Applications must be in English and in US dollars.

 The Principal Investigator (PI) is the one person responsible for the scientific and technical direction of the project.

 At the conclusion of the proposal (within 2 months), a summary of the progress will be submitted to Jadon’s Hope.

 Unauthorized expenses:

-       Indirect costs exceeding 8% of all direct costs

-       Salary of PI

-       Salaries of administrative, secretarial or clerical staff

-       Purchase of rental or office equipment (e.g. filing cabinets, copy machines, etc)

-       Expenses normally covered by the indirect cost of the PI institution

-       Fees for tuition, registration or other fees relating to academic studies

-       Membership dues, subscriptions, books, journal

-       Expenses for or relating to moving from one institution to another